‘A Bipolar’s Journey’ is an inspiring, true story of freedom and fulfillment. The core message that the Author wishes to convey to his community is that although bipolar disorder is a very troublesome and debilitating condition, it can be kept well under control with perseverance and discipline. The Author shares his journey of dramatic ups and downs and how he came to terms with his new reality. By adhering to treatment prescribed by his Psychiatrist , he took to yoga and exercise. Science has now proven that yoga and meditation play a significant role in stress management and overall wellness. In fact, he considers meditation and creative visualisation a mainstay of his climb to recovery.

Shifting of focus from survival to the larger picture of life was a turning point.
His spiritual ascent made him a more compassionate being, empathetic to the challenges his tribe has to face. Lack of awareness and crippling social stigma isolate those afflicted, compounding their misery. Many give up hope, lamenting, “I just don’t have the willpower for the long haul.” It is to such people that the author wants to say, through his powerful and transformational story:
“I am just one of you. If I could do it, so can you!”