About the Book

coverIt was only when the author was diagnosed as a bipolar in 2003, leading to his hospitalization, that he first heard about this serious mental illness. From being comfortably perched as a successful entrepreneur, he was abruptly flung into terrifying, unknown territory.

Extreme mood swings from manic highs to desperate lows made life miserable. The awareness about this chronic, debilitating condition was almost nonexistent in India back then and the stigma, stifling. Disturbingly, the situation remains largely unchanged, unlike developed countries where support groups thrive.

Where there is iron willed determination, the biggest of challenges can be surmounted. The unstinted support of his family, close friends, mentors and medical team helped him in his arduous climb. Medical treatment needs to be supplemented by a healing regimen. Resolutely, he made yoga, meditation and spiritual advancement an intrinsic part of his life.

This cathartic journey ended up freeing him.

An inspiring story of resilience, his is a rare voice of hope from the East trying to reach out to millions of his community, saying, “Yes! A bipolar too can lead a normal and happy life.”

A Bipolar’s Journey may well help you walk away from torment to fulfillment. So let’s walk together.


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