Raju Mandhyan: Coach, Author and Speaker of Global Renown~

“Finished the book in two sittings by the poolside. I thought it was a fascinating dance of emotions, angst and transformations. The amazing thing was that the dancer himself was an insightful and empathetic observer. Beautiful piece of work! The book is beyond being heart-wrenchingly insightful and is also very well written. The stories spill out as aroma does from flowers.”

It is indeed gratifying when India’s Holistic Wellness Diva backs you! Thank you Dr.Sonica Krishan.
“This Book is highly cohesive and absorbing. The Author, himself a Bipolar, shoulders the travails of so many, while guiding them and rendering the most humane concern that braves the heart, imbues the mind with compassion and gratifies the soul. One of the most difficult things to do is to talk about your own disability with the world and make it your strength~ this is the book’s core message.”

One of the premier Life Coaches in the world, Malti has been supportive right through this journey. Gratitude Malti Bhojwani, for everything.
“The author shares his experience to give hope to not only other bipolars; but to anyone of us to look within, observe our own thinking, judgments and fears; so as to gain more insight to who we are. He takes a giant step forward for a community whose voice has largely gone unheard in these parts of the world. How he nurtures his way back and aspires to a life of fulfillment is a story that inspires.”

Rarely is Dharmendra Rai, one of India’s Foremost Trainers so effusive in his praise: an Honour!
“I declare Vijay Nallawala henceforth be called ” BIPOLAR KILLER” 
In a world full of anecdotal self help books ( most of them don t work ) here is a genuinely inspiring book based on Vijay’s struggles . In a rapidly changing & complex world retaining one’ s sanity is difficult enough . Here s a guy who had the additional burden of bipolar & killed it !In a country full of fake heroes from Bollywood & fixed cricketers , here is a real deal – Vijay Nallawala – a REAL hero . Proud to be his friend & trainer. A special thanks to him for mentioning me & mind mapping in his book. Gave it 5 stars on Amazon. Ending with 3 critical words :-
1 ) Buy  2 ) This  3 ) Book “

Reiki Master, Crystal Therapist & Angel Healer, Denise Richardson of UK~
“As a Reiki Master, I have come across many clients who have shared their personal ailments and the problems affecting their lives. Many of these ailments are of a more physical nature. Others are of undiagnosed mental illnesses – PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), depression, stress etc.
To read a book so honestly written, displaying emotions, frustrations, humiliations, failures, fears, doubts, desperation and then the fulfilment of turning your life around – is very rare.
Detailing his own struggle in the face of prejudices, stereotyping and the stigma surrounding Mental Health issues to the pathway of holistic approach and Spirituality, this book will give you hope and inspiration to understand yourself.
Seldom does anyone write about their own journey with such frankness and openness.
Yet Vijay has done it. He has laid his whole life on the line in his quest to give a better and clearer understanding of how a person suffering from Bipolar faces challenges that so few of us can ever understand. From the manic highs to the crippling lows, to the period of relative calmness that happens in between, this book takes you on a journey that is hard to imagine unless you suffer from this crippling condition.
The transformation is incredible. Taking personal responsibility and taking the road less traveled is a brave thing to do. Read the book and start on your own journey of self discovery today. You can beat Bipolar. Vijay has proved it.

“Vijay, I finished reading your book- A Bipolar’s Journey! You are a brave man..A rockstar in the true sense my friend.. Haven’t ready anything like this in a long long time..Such an inspiring journey..Thank You so much for sharing your journey with the world..Bipolar or not..Difficult to say.. But indeed you are a gifted soul! More Power to your mission and may you keep shining! Lots of Love…” ~ Chinmayee Abbey Professional Career Coach

Sanjeev Bhakhri ~ Media & Advertising Professional
“It seems as if I know him since his childhood. As if we have grown together as neighbors or a family friend. The fact is that I never met him or even spokne to him till now, yet I feel so close to his family, friends, relatives, teachers & doctors after reading this book. As a reader one can experience all his personal traits like joy, anger, sorrow, suspicion, expectations, love, strengths & limitations, closely inside. At many points I felt as if it’s all happening to me, I wanted to get it all pass by fast when its messy and enjoyed reading slowly again & again when it’s in high spirits. This book shows how unexpected a life (for anyone) could be and how brave a man can drive through the journey from torment to fulfillment. I recommend everyone to grab a copy and experience a journey through various emotions and phases of life.”

The very first Review by a Blogger , Jonali Karmakar, is very gratifying~
” ‘A Bipolar’s Journey’ is the autobiography of a man who has defied all odds to emerge victorious in spite of his affliction and still continues to do so. There’s a frank openness in the writer’s voice. He confides in the reader all about his private life—every emotion, success, frustration, and humiliation— very honestly and authentically. He tells us the story of his heroic battle against adversity, prejudice, stigmas, stereotypes, of his will to succeed and his search for an identity in a country that lacks greatly in understanding the workings of the human brain. In the process of self-realization, I’d say he has become a beacon of hope for those who ride the same boat as his.

It was an honour to have Dr.Amit Nagpal write about my journey on his globally acclaimed Blog~ Enlarge Excel Evlove
“After a long long time, a book brought tears in my eyes with its empathy evoking storytelling. Few chapters inspired with their authenticity and few filled me with awe because of the courage with which he has shared his struggles and vulnerability. The book deserves to be a bestseller because it proves the maxim, ‘The story sets you free.’

Author Inderjit Kaur on her Blog  A Living Series 5*****

“A Bipolar’s journey is the first book, that I’ve ever read that truly captured the unnoticed tyranny of this illness – As an observation this is a very new kind of concept or subject here in India and I hereby take this opportunity to congratulate the courageous effort by the author to depict the authenticity of his painful events along the journey in form of enlightenment, to so many deserving, to come out of this darkest tunnel.
The Author has done a tremendous job for writing such an important segment of reality, that’s unnoticed in our society.The book showcases vivid though painful descriptions reflecting back signs of determination and courage that lights hopes to many.” (Read more on her site)

Meenal Jaiswal  on Amazon 5*****
“Overall, it is an inspiration not just for people suffering from Mental illness but otherwise too. The journey that the book covers from the early signs to the treatment of torment and finally achieving fulfillment.. it is a witness to how spirituality and science merge to create a fulfilling life. Dealing with the physical battle of asthma and mental illness of bipolar, he chose a holistic approach for his healing and health. In the last section there are inspirational stories of others.
The writing style is very simple to read, print is clean, illustrations interesting and writing very gripping. I personally believe in an inclusive society. This book definitely does its bit for the same along with the website. Overall, the book provides hope and inspiration for anyone who faces any physical, mental or emotional challenge.”

Santosh Guha, Texas on Amazon 5*****

“Beautifully written book. It is very evident that each sentence is right from your heart. Phenomenal work. I salute all those associated in helping you, getting thru it and most importantly you speaking about it openly. You are doing a BIG help to the society by openly speaking about it.”

 Salis Afaque, Editor of Magazine SalisOnline
The book will inspire you, make you cry, and will keep you attached from page one to the last. I am totally inspired by Vijay Nallawala’s story of fighting back and winning the Bipolar battle. The book is not just for bipolars, it’s for each one of us. It is time we start respecting people with mental disorders and join hands in helping them out. It can happen to anyone, so please join the community of Bipolar India and help people like Vijay Nallawala who have taken the initiative to make each Indian aware about the Bipolar disorder. A Bipolar’s Journey is a MUST READ! You will be Inspired.

Akshay K on 5*****
“If any person or family knows anyone who suffers from such an affliction-mental illness-yes it just an illness like any physical illness-this book can be referenced -as the author has literally penned the deepest personal moments of his life -which visually speaks to the reader- from the beginning of the affliction with symptoms and the follow up-u can help yourself and anyone who is undergoing or has undergone such an affliction-and more so this book is from an INDIAN perspective which is reflective of INDIAN circumstances and conditions!!! Go for it !!!

Anonymous Reader on 5*****
“It was a joy reading Vijay Nallawala’s book ‘A Bipolar’s Journey- From Torment to Fulfillment’. The book touched all my senses and at times I had tears in my eyes as well. I thank the author for being so open and transparent in the book about every facet of his life. Even though I’ve not suffered from bipolar disorder, I could identify with the challenges he faced, having grown up in a similar background. The crux of the book is in how the author has overcome those challenges, not expecting the environment / situation / relationships to change but by taking personally responsibility to be the change. For me Vijay is a real life hero whose life has been a transformation experience and an inspiration to me to constantly strive to becoming a better human being by taking personal responsibility to be the change that I wish to see in the world and others around me. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to be transformed and live life to one’s fullest potential.

And to end with the beginning.. Jennifer Sertl (Excerpted from her Foreword ) ~

“We really don’t know transparency until reading Vijay Nallawala’s ‘A Bipolar’s Journey~ From Torment to Fulfillment”. His story is probably the most transparent you have ever read. Honest, open, full of brave admissions of fear, doubt, desperation and hope. The emotions are visceral…He has taken an ice-axe and severed the stigma.”